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1.The main machine controlled by human-computer interaction in connection With Remote Controller is easy and converient for adjustment and operation.
2.All the transmission belts of the lower panels are wrapped around extemally.When replacing the belt.there is no need to unload the transmission shaft,It is simple and easy to replace.Any operator can do it easily.
3.Depending on different paper thickness,the Upper Pressung Bars can be set through micro-adjustmentn.
4.The unique design of machine can keep its stability without shaking even under highspeed operation to avoid the production loss.
5.The plate(remotable) is run by electricity which can be easily done.
6.To meet various kinds of order demand in the future,the standard machine can be advanced by adding othe optional units,such as,Regulator,Pre-Folder,4and 6 cormer Attachment,Panel Movement by Motorization
to achieve its highest efficiency.
7.Shaftless drive is taken as main drive(intelligent compution and tracking of computer),and the drive makes the machine's voice and power lighter,by which you can feel more easier when using the machine,extending its service life.
8.The changing speed of the main machine and the prssing conveyor id by inverter,also the adding and reducting speed of the main machine,feeder section and the pressing conveyor is adopted through the ratio link movement.

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